Friday, February 28, 2014

Sakura Tilda

Magic Pop up card:
magnolia stamp sakura Tilda
Copic markers for coloring.

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  1. Hi, Cecilia or whom I fondly call my Cecil!

    Thank you for joining me at the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog, though you only have 1 quarter stay with me. Sadly, I was expecting more from the card design team. I know how it is to start as a newbie with a design team and I know with your knowledge in Fine Arts, you would not be not in the know.

    I wish I did see you mention the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog on your blog, as it is the norm with any challenge blog to ask from their design team. It is independent of the Scrappin' Moms or their newly adapted name when I came in, in year 2011 in Filipino Scrapbookers Club, which is Filipino Scrapbookers - Scrappin' Moms. I came in right after to be a member of the Filipino Scrapbookers - Scrappin' Moms, mentioning the Club is for all the singles or the over-all group and the Scrappin' Moms are for those real moms, who really got married and have real children to take care of.

    I'm glad you got into Magnolia World group as well and as we met at the first Iris Babao-Uy workshop I was able to attend with you in front of me on the working long table at Lasting Impressions, I knew you would end up with all of your cardmaking workshops at Lasting Impressions. Kudos and Congrats!

    I know you'd be more fulfilled in your craft and art. And that is what I wanted to show in our Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog.

    Much love and regards to all of your cardmaking students at your regular class or workshop at Lasting Impressions. I know you have a lot of people you can converse with and would no longer need me to communicate with. I'd usually just be surprised to hear a sudden remark or comment from you.

    Regards and you made it there ahead of me. =)

    Much love in crafts and in arts,
    Kathleen B. Hernandez