Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 11 Class at The Yellow Violet House: Water Coloring and Card Making with Exploding Box Mini Album

The projects I taught at for my workshop at The Yellow Violet House were all Mother's Day Inspired. I was lucky to share how to create a dainty card dedicated for moms.

Here are some photos of the card:

To make it more special I threw in some hand made flowers in the kit for the card itself. The hand made flower is very easy to make and believe it or not, i just used some of the many scrap papers that I have lying around. Thats why I highly recommend for everyone not to throw away scrap papers. It might be useful in your future proects.

Here's a photo of the finished product:

I also taught a very unique and special project really suited for Mother's Day. The Exploding Box Mini Album. When I was trying to make this project by myself for the first time, I was very excited with all the techniques and ideas I have in mind that I can use for it. I felt like it will be a very fun way to honor your love ones and really keep memories boxed up. Once the box is opened, an explosion of fun times through pictures can be showcased.

in the middle of the box is a cherry blossom tree. 

 Here's a photo of m student's finished product for the day:

 What a happy class it was!

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  1. weee... I enjoyed making this. Can you pm me po for the measurement of the exploding box and the tri shutter card. Glad to be part of this tutorial Ms. Cecil

    ~Cez of Three Pretty Pink Ribbons :)